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Notary office location

Dr Richard Böhr
Hohenzollernring 58 | 50672 Cologne

Phone: 0221 2726060
Fax: 0221 27260616


USt-IdNr.: DE815697360

Person responsible according to the press law § 51 para. 2 RStV [Interstate Broadcasting Agreement]: Dr. Richard Böhr

Professional Title 

The professional title was awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany (state: North Rhine-Westphalia). The relevant professional regulations can be found here:

  • Bundesnotarordnung [Federal Notarial Code] (BNotO)
  • Beurkundungsgesetz [Notarization Act] (BeurkG)
  • Guidelines for the official duties and other duties of the members of the Rhenish Chamber of Notaries (Guidelines of the Rhenish Chamber of Notaries)
  • Dienstordnung für Notarinnen und Notare [Service regulations for notaries] (DONot)
  • Gerichts- und Notarkostengesetz [Court and Notary Fees Act] (GNotKG)

You can view and print the current version of all regulations on the website of the Federal Chamber of Notaries.

Responsible division

Rheinische Notarkammer (Rhineland Notary Board)
Burgmauer 53 | 50667 Cologne

Phone: 0221 2575291

Regulating authority

Präsident des Landgerichts Köln
Luxemburger Straße 101 | 50939 Cologne

Phone: 0221 4770
Fax: 0221 4773333


Screendesign & Programming

e-nitio mediasign GmbH & Co. KG
Melatengürtel 125a | 50825 Cologne

Phone: 0221 66964400
Fax: 0221 66964499



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