Dr. Richard Böhr

Curriculum Vitae


1988 – 1994
Studied law at the University of Cologne

1995 – 1997
Worked as a junior lawyer for the High Court in Cologne; training with Notaries Dr Bell and Dr Rethmeier in Cologne

PhD from University of Cologne with Prof. Andreas Wacke

Professional Experience

1997 – 2001
Research associate at the Institut für Römisches Recht (Institute for Roman Law) at the University of Cologne

Conducted research at Università degli Studi di Siena, Italy

seit 2000
Instructive orders at university of Cologne

2001 – 2005
Notary Assessor for the High Court, Cologne district; Notary Administrator in Erkelenz starting in 2004

Appointed Notary in Cologne


Contributed to the supplement to the 21st edition of Kersten/Bühling, Formularbuch und Praxis der Freiwilligen Gerichtsbarkeit (Forms and Practice of Voluntary Jurisdiction), 2004

Language Skills

German, English, Italian